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Awareness of the Chakras through Guided
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Susan Basmajian, BA, RYT, Reiki Master


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At Five Blossoms Yoga and Reiki we teach from the perspective of the Five Layers of Being: Physical, Mental, Prana (subtle energy), Wisdom and Bliss Bodies. Yoga and Reiki engage and integrate these layers holistically, guiding one toward unlimited possibilities. These practices are much like tending a garden. As you feed, water and weed, the plants grow to their full strength and beauty. The poses, breathing practices, energy work and meditations help cultivate a deeper understanding of ourselves and create an environment that promotes wellness, clarity, peace and joy.


Leslie Miller

Midway, Utah

"Susan is a fantastic yoga teacher because she has a deep appreciation and understanding of the spiritual and physical aspects of Yoga. She is very sensitive to the individual strengths and capabilities of her students. The pace and focus of her instruction is designed to meet the needs of her students and she always adds essential oils to her practice. Wonderful!"

Allyson Morrison

Image Reborn Retreats, Park City, Utah

"Susan is such a wealth of wisdom, kindness and compassion. Time and time again she has brought women who attend our breast cancer retreats a new found sense of inner wellness and has taught them how to be aware of and at peace with their own bodies. Her gentle, restorative approach makes yoga accessible to anyone at any physical ability. We absolutly adore her and are so grateful for the light she shares with us."

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