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         Susan Basmajian has practiced and studied yoga, meditation and yogic philosophy for close to 30 years. With over 40 years in the field of education she blends her yoga practice, teaching background and life experience to offer workshops on a variety of yoga subjects. In 2008, Susan completed a 200-hour teacher training program and registered with Yoga Alliance. 


            In 1991 Susan was introduced to yoga in a Yoga Nidra session from Yogini Melinda Ann Peterson. Continuing her work with Melinda and others, she explored asana, pranayama, and meditation, yogic philosophy, as well as Reiki. In 2007 she began teacher training with the Living Yoga Program in Austin, Texas, known for honoring and finding value in all styles of yoga. Under the tutelage of Charles MacInerny, Ellen B. Smith and Donna Belk she refined her practice and expanded her teaching skills. 


            At the age of 16 Susan began instructing tennis and found a passion in teaching that has been a common thread throughout her life.  She received a degree and teaching credential in Physical Education and has taught high school dance and multiple subjects in the middle school setting. After retiring from teaching in 1989 Susan became active in the Park City School District’s Parent Teacher Organization and worked with others to promote the Community of Caring Program. In 1994 she was asked to serve on the founding board of the Winter Sports School in Park City. As a director of this new school Susan sat on the curriculum committee and helped the board to develop their first Strategic Plan.


             After a diagnosis of breast cancer in 2004 Susan found was grateful for her yoga and meditation practice. Yoga was essential in her recovery as it increased her vitality, improved her sleep and helped her manage the stress associated with a cancer diagnosis. In 2005 she became a Patient Navigator with the American Cancer Society and Community Hospital of the Monterey Peninsula. Susan mentors women through breast cancer diagnosis, surgery, and recovery and often guides them toward the therapeutic benefits of a consistent yoga practice. Susan volunteers her time teaching yoga at the Image Reborn Retreats in Park City and offers workshops pro bono for other breast cancer groups.

               Susan is interested in how yoga affects the body, mind and spirit and continues to expand her knowledge and experience, especially with respect to the subtle or energy body. In 2018, she became a Reiki Master in the Usui tradition. Susan weaves Reiki into her yoga classes offering students practices that help reduce pain, decrease anxiety and improve overall quality of life.


             Susan lives and teaches in Salt Lake City. She loves spending time with her granddaughter, Zabel and enjoys knitting, art, cooking, and her personal yoga and Reiki practices. She believes that a consistent yoga practice can promote wellness, clarity, peace, joy and creativity in one's life.





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